December 3, 2013, by Tom Harding

Centre for Critical Theory Visiting Speaker Series

Modality and Difference.

Dr. Kevin Love, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy and Social Theory at Nottingham Trent University.

17:00 Wednesday December 4th. A39 Sir Clive Granger Building. All welcome.

Dr. Love, who works on issues in aesthetics, ethics and political philosophy – particularly those arising from the post-phenomenological and post-structuralist traditions – will present a paper on Modality and Difference. He is currently preparing a book-length monograph that examines logics and modalities of difference in continental philosophy.

Modality and Difference

A brief taxonomy of the conceptualisation of difference in Western thought leads to a discussion of differance. Difference thought in the allusionary mode is regarded as a culmination of the ontological bearing, but then subjected to a movement of extrusion or Å’denucleation that marks the trajectory of a non-participle indifference. in differance. This gerundial paranoia that afflicts the differantial orchestration, opening a trajectory of radical indifference, not only subtends conceptions of difference in the ontological mode, it is argued, but also facilitates a consideration of other (non-ontological) modalities of difference. Examining metaethics, politics and art from this perspective, the paper resists the common tendency towards ontological reduction and defends instead a non-formalistic inquiry into the particular comportment of differential modalities.


We hope to see you there.



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