Youtube Link for Stuart Elden’s Talk at the Nottingham Contemporary

For those of you who couldn’t make it, or for those of you who simply want to see it again, the Youtube link for Professor Stuart Elden’s talk at the Nottingham Contemporary last week is here: Happy Viewing! Best, Colin Wright

Centre for Critical Theory Visiting Speaker Series

Biopolitics and Aesthetics. Josephine Berry-Slater, Lecturer in the Centre for Cultural Studies and editor of Mute Magazine. 17:00 Wednesday November 20th. A39 Sir Clive Granger Building. All welcome.

Falling outside of the biopolitical frame: horse-meat and austerity

From global panics over outbreaks of bird and swine ‘flu, to the recent European horse-meat scandal; or from on-going controversies about the role of animals in scientific research, to pressing debates about biodiversity and environmental conservation: we are within a cultural context where questions surrounding human-animal relations are politically vital. Despite this, discourses that should …