May 19, 2022, by Cuba Research Forum

The Hennessy Collection

The Hennessy Collection is the physical base of the Centre for Research on Cuba, currently located in the Trent Building, on the University Park campus. The Collection is named after Alaister Hennessy, best known as Professor in the Centre for Caribbean Studies, University of Warwick, for his outstanding contribution to the study of Cuba. The collection of materials is unique to Western Europe in that it houses in one place, accessible for browsing and access (i.e. not a closed-shelf collection), a range of variable runs or selections of over 70 Cuban journals, magazines and newspapers, and around 1500 books, videos, journal articles, conference papers, postgraduate theses, cuttings, etc., from Cuba and on Cuba.

The Hennessy Collection is a unique archive of Cuban periodicals from the 1960s through to the 1990s Originally donated to the Forum for the Study of Cuba by Professor Alistair Hennessy in 1994, the archive currently holds over 70 different journals and newspapers, including extensive runs of Noticias de Hoy, Revolucion , Bohemia , Granma , Verde Olivo and Pensamiento Critico. The collection of newspapers and journals continues to the present, and is being further supplemented by over 1400 books, videos, journal articles, conference papers, official documents and cuttings purchased with funds from the University of Nottingham, collected or donated by members of the Forum in Britain and Cuba.

The collection is curated by one of the centre’s postgraduate students, who is also responsible for maintaining the website, social media platforms, and organising research events. The position comes with a small stipend and enables the post-holder to develop a range of skills in research, communication, marketing and librarianship, and to deepen their knowledge of Cuba. The current post-holder is Arturo Hernandez, who researches Cuban law and constitutional history. Year 2 and 3 postgraduate students are invited to apply for the position when advertised.


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