January 6, 2017, by Amy

Christmas is Over. (but it’s okay)

It’s a melancholy time when the Christmas tree comes down, the town isn’t lit up with festive lights and there isn’t loads of great movies on the television. But all hope is not lost. Exam time is approaching and in the cold weather it can be difficult to look at the ‘bright’ side but there’s lots of things to get excited about in January. Here’s a list of those things.


1.New Year, New You
January is the perfect time to start making positive changes in your life . Stick with the classics and try and drink more water or eat healthier. Alternatively, mix it up and make time for a new hobby. There is no better time to make a fresh start (& that includes trying to make it to your 9am lectures!)



2.2016 Is Over
Congrats – you made it through the hot mess that 2016 turned out to be! The heavy political decisions, the loss of many brilliant creatives. Now let’s look forward and start making positive changes to a better and brighter future.


January is a fantastic time for movie lovers. The Golden Globe award ceremony is held on January 8th and then in the lead up to the Oscars some incredible movies get released to cinemas. Ones to look out for this year are La La Land (coming to Broadway cinema on Friday 13th) and Silence (which you can already catch in theatres now). A visit to the cinema is an excellent revision break, a good excuse to get out of the house and escape reality for a while.





4.The Sooner it Begins, the Sooner it’s Over
There is no denying that January is a tough time to be a student. Your house is freezing and you’re constantly revising or writing essays but the sooner it begins, the sooner it’s over and it won’t be long before the sun starts to poke through the clouds and you will be free again! In the meantime check out these useful blogs to get you through the exam period:

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