January 5, 2017, by Emma

4 of the best online games for revision breaks

Christmas is over, New Years has come and gone, and it’s time to get stuck into some good old fashioned revision. And along with revision comes revision breaks. Those blissful few minutes between typing up lecture notes where your brain can finally relax. Instead of mindlessly scrolling through Facebook or Snapchat, I’ve recently taken to playing little 5 minute internet games to keep me entertained during those brief respites from thinking about the amygdala. They’re quick, they’re simple, but they are crazily addictive so I accept no responsibility for anyone failing their degree because of this blog plot. With that being said, here are 4 of the best 5 minute online games:


Everybody in my sixth form knew about Sporcle. We all spent far too much of our time doing these quick quizzes when we should have really been revising for our A levels (I mean, we all made it to uni, so it can’t have done too much harm!) They have quizzes about anything, from the top mentioned Harry Potter characters, to naming every element in the period table. So, really, you could almost count this as revision.

2. Geo Guessr

Another fun game that could count as revision! I mean, only if you do geography. Or maybe languages. Geo Guessr involves being plonked randomly somewhere in the world on Google Street View and having to try and guess where you are. Some top things to look out for are which side of the road they drive on, and what language is on the road signs!

3. Agar.io

Okay, so this game is particularly mindless. It involes being a tiny little blob that moves around your screen with your mouse that eats other little blobs. But be careful, because if you bump into any bigger blobs, they’ll eat you first! It’s simple, but it’s addictive.

4. Quick, draw!

This game is not neccessarily competitive, but it’s still just as mindlessly entertaining. It’s similar to pictionary in that it involves being given an item to draw whilst somebody guesses. But instead of a person guessing, this game involves an A.I trying to guess what your object is. It’s part of an experiment by Google that aims to make the AI better at guessing drawings, so whilst you might not be revising, you are contributing to science!


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