January 6, 2017, by Shweta

Goals for 2017 – We can do this!

Hello once again! It’s been a while since I’ve put up a blog. In fact, it’s been so long that it’s a little daunting to return. Hopefully everyone has had a wonderful holiday season and is raring to go for another (hopefully, less terrifying) year ahead.


Speaking of the new year, it’s finally time to come up with crazy resolutions again! Personally, I think new year resolutions are rubbish. I mean, c’mon, who sticks to them for more than a couple weeks at max?! I for one gave up on them a long time back. After all, January is the worst time to give up greasy pizza. Hit a gym? In this cold weather? No thanks.


So, this year, I’m setting goals instead. I know what you’re thinking; this is super cliché, right? But goals feel more achievable and after having successfully achieved a few last year, I’m setting myself some more.


  1. Take up a new sport. I think it’s high time I stop pretending to be a pro tennis player when I haven’t set foot in a court in over a year. This year, I hope to take up a new hobby that will get me out of bed. Badminton, maybe? Or karate!


  1. Attend all my lectures, even the optional ones. It’s so easy for me to forgo my classes when they involve a 25-minute walk in the rain/snow. This year, though, I plan to make it to all my classes. Hopefully, 2017 will be the year that I finally make use of the money my parents have graciously put into my education!


  1. Cultivate a more positive body image. Having always had a love-hate relationship with my body, I hope to make a positive change this year. By finally making use of my gym membership and cultivating some serious positive thought, I plan to fall in love with myself and my body this year.


I’d love to say ‘New Year. New Me’ but we all know I’d be lying. However, with these goals, I will hopefully become a better version of myself.


What are your resolutions goals for 2017?


Until next time,


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