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May 6, 2016, by Amy

5 Apps To Get You Through Exam Season

It’s that time of the year again when exam season starts rolling in and everyone tries their hardest to cram in a terms worth of knowledge. At times like this, your smart phone can become a hindrance, the perfect way to procrastinate. Through my time procrastinating on the app store I have compiled a list of apps that can actually aid you this exam season, whether it be helping you organise your notes or helping you get some much needed sleep.


 1. Evernote

Downloading your notes and lectures from Moodle just became a whole lot easier. Evernote stores these files in a way that’s super organised that you can come back to whenever you need. It also has a super cute elephant as the logo and a feature that allows you to doodle notes.



 2. RefMe

Struggling with references? Aren’t we all?! Either search a book or scan the barcode and BAM like magic it creates your references. It isn’t perfect however so make sure you check for mistakes!



3. Sleep Cycle

This app tracks your sleeping cycle and wakes you up when you’re most likely to feel refreshed. Sleep
is one of the most important things during exam time and all-nighters the day before your exam are no good for your brain! Always find the time to sleep. You can even make it play relaxing rainfall sounds!


9am exam? No problem!


4. Forest

This app is simply the best. Basically when you want to work and know your phone is going to be a distraction, you pull up the app and ‘plant a tree’. You set the amount of time for the tree to grow (the amount of time you want to be blocked off your phone for) and from that point on your phone is out of use. Unless you want to kill a fake tree made of pixels that is. And if you’re anything like me… the guilt will be too much.  The app is £1.50 but I promise you it’ll be the most useful £1.50 you ever spent!


You just can’t bring yourself to do it!


5. Skype

The final app on this list is Skype, because sometimes it can all get a bit too much and you just need to see the faces of your family and friends (and dog… mostly dog) back home. Skype now has a multiple calls feature so you can speak to several people at the same time.


In all seriousness, if you are finding the exam season is getting a bit too much, the university provides an excellent service called Nightlinea confidential, anonymous organisation that’s there if you need someone to talk to. We’re all in this together!

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