May 5, 2016, by Dushy

A Levels Vs Final Year Exams

We are now less than 2 weeks to go until our fate is decided. Yes I know it’s a bit dramatic, but to me these last few exams really do decide my future (deep breaths, it’s all going to be ok!). The last time I faced exams as important as these were 3 years ago when sitting my A Levels. My A Levels decided my uni (pretty big deal at that age), my final exams decide whether I get my dream job (cheesy but true).

However if someone came up to me and asked whether I would like to do my A levels instead of my finals, I don’t think I’d jump to the opportunity.

Firstly this year I only have 3 modules to study for, which means 3 exams and that’s it. For A Levels I remember I had 4 subjects, each having around 3 modules, which altogether meant a lot of exams!

Secondly, I am only studying one subject at uni whereas at school you had to juggle 3/4 subjects. No sorry, I can’t handle it, my brain does not like change!

Also my exam timetable is beautiful this year, all exams done within the first week. It’s like I can taste freedom already! But at school, I was the last one in the whole school to finish, so the end was nowhere insight. If someone gave me a month long exam timetable now, you would see me crawling to my last exam!

To think I finished over a month during my A levels, in comparison to when I finish now.

To think I finished over a month during my A levels, in comparison to when I finish now.

However with all my exams crammed into a week, this means I really can’t rely on last minute revision (no I never use to do that for all my exams, or did I?).

Of course though, A level content was a lot easier in comparison to now. But we all knew uni would be a step up from school. (To tell you the truth I didn’t expect it to be this painfully hard!)

Whatever the case, to those who are future Notts students studying to get a place here, I sympathise with you a lot, all your hard work will be rewarded in the end!

And to all the final years: COME ON WE CAN DO IT!!

I have definitely become messier at uni

I have definitely become messier at uni

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