May 5, 2016, by Joe

The Miracle of Leicester City

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 6 months it may have been brought to your attention that there has been an upset of gigantic proportions in this year’s Premier League. Over the last 2 decades only 4 different teams have won the premiership (Manchester United, Arsenal, Manchester City, Chelsea) so to have Leicester, a team who were struggling with relegation last season, come out of nowhere to claim victory with 2 games still to play is an incredible achievement to witness. To those of you who aren’t into football and don’t quite understand why such a big fuss is being made over the whole thing, I will try and put it into perspective how unforeseen and surprising Leicester’s triumph has been. At the start of the season the odds for Leicester to win the title were 5000/1.  And this sudden run of exceptional form isn’t because the team were bought by a billionaire oil tycoon and vast sums spent on completely reshaping the team, this is a grassroots football team through and through. Astounding evidence for this comes from the fact that Manchester United has spent the same amount on players over the last 2 years as Leicester has in their whole 132 year history.

Leicester have captured the imagination of the country and practically every football fan all across the nation has been cheering them on ever since they looked in with a chance of bagging their first league title in the club’s history. It is stories such as this that remind me what a fantastic game football is and how much joy it can bring to millions of people. It is also refreshing in a professional game increasingly dominated by money to see an underdog triumph against the odds, hopefully inspiring a generation of young footballers to believe in the impossible.

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