May 5, 2016, by Emma

On Creativity and Science

A bit of an unusual post today, particularly in the midst of this manic revision timcreativity sciencee but this is something I’ve been thinking a lot about recently, which is probably because I’m majorly procrastinating. What I want to address today is the relationship between creativity and science. Most people think of science as a strictly regimented, rule based, dare I say ‘boring’ subject? And in comparison, ‘creative’ subjects tend to be arts subject, like music or art or English. And whilst I agree that sciences do have to follow rules, and it’s pretty important that you do follow them, I don’t think science and creativity are mutually exclusive. In fact, I think creativity is pretty neccessary for science! That’s how it moves forward. Some of the biggest scientific discoveries came from someone (or a group of people) taking information that everybody looked at in one way, and turning it on it’s head to look at in a completely different way.

Take Darwin, for example. He noticed at some interesting looking finches on his trips to the Galapagos. Just birds. But instead of looking at those finches and seeing birds, Darwin managed to see the whole history of creation. And obviously it wasn’t that simple and straightforward, but even so, that’s pretty darn creative. Likewise, Newton, watching an apple fall from a tree, came up with the theory of gravity. And obviously, once these creative ideas are formulated, they have to undergo rigorous testing and experimentation, which is probaby where science gets it’s less than thrilling reputation from, but no-one can deny that the process of devising these ideas is anything but creative.

Anyway that’s all for today. Get back to your essay (or in my case dreaming up creative scientific discoveries.)

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