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Hi there!
I’m a final year student studying Maths and have just joined the student blogging time for this year. I’ve been at the university for 2 years but now my time is ending here at Nottingham, which is why I got involved with student blogging so that I am able to document my final year here.

I enjoy baking, travelling, hanging out with friends and a good laugh!

For my final year I have decided to do project 365, which is taking a picture every day during my final year so that I can (hopefully!) remember it when I am a granny looking back at my university days. So at the end of each of my blogs I will share with you a couple of the photos that I have taken ( I will try and stay away from it being mostly food and scenery photos, but I’m not promising anything!).

Hope these blogs give you an insight into my student life and you enjoy the pictures!