November 5, 2017, by Cara McIsaac-Hall

Team of the Week: Ladies Lacrosse 1st

This week’s Team of the Week is Ladies Lacrosse 1s! Bringing home an amazing win of 15-10 against Edinburgh’s 1st team.

This week was a big away day for the Uni, with 6 teams travelling all the way to Edinburgh to play their fixture. We bought home 4 wins for Green and Gold but Ladies Lacrosse stood out from all these wins, winning themselves Team of the Week!

Having previously lost 10-7 against Edinburgh away in the last season, but winning 15-6 at the home game, the girls were unsure as to what to expect from the outcome of the match, but knew it was going to be a close either way.

The team consisted of 14 players this week with a few key members such as Jessie Robinson, Emily Barron, Zoe Hewitt and Chloe Fitzsimmons unable to play the away fixture. However, they had some strong players on the team such as previous captain of the England U19’s Phillipa Stacey, as well as some of the England U19 squad, Orla Ingram and Alice Pursell.

Nottingham came out strong in the first few minutes of the match, getting an early goal. Though Edinburgh fought back hard and had the majority of the possession in the first half. Our defense worked tirelessly in holding Edinburgh out, but with some dropped balls in midfield, the link between defense and attack wasn’t working as well as the girls had hoped.

With the score still close in the second half, Nottingham remained calm under pressure and managed to pull it back with a rally of goals at the end of the second half! Man of the match went to Katie Macleay, a scholar who had previously played in division 1 back at college in America, after some incredible shots and a great total of 6 goals.

Captain of the 1st team, Honor Sangster, commented on how proud she was of the team stating they ‘played really well as unit and our defense looked the best it had all year!’.

This Wednesday, the team are taking on St. Andrews at home and are hoping for a solid win, with St. Andrews sitting at the bottom of the table. Nottingham are currently sitting in 2nd of the table just behind Durham, with the hopes of beating Durham and winning the league at the end of the season!

Well done to all the team and good luck for the rest of your season!

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