November 13, 2017, by Cara McIsaac-Hall

Team of the Week: Ladies Fencing 1st

This week for team of the week we have the Ladies Fencing 1st team! Up against Newcastle this week, home in Nottingham, the Ladies stole an amazing win of 134;100.

Having had an undesirable start to the season, after being forced to play away in Newcastle, outside of an already pre-arranged tournament. The Ladies therefore had to overcome huge mind games and had a severely weakened team, due to how early in the season this occurred.  They subsequently lost away to Newcastle, so were determined to come back strong this week and bring back a win!

Up first, was the sabre team consisting of scholar Jacqueline Cordell, Charlotte Teo and Chloe Pahnke. They smashed Newcastle 45;18 with Charlotte being named fencer of the match due to her excellent performance.

Next, was the foil team consisting of GB representative and scholar Serena Patel, Aimee Parsons and Captain of the Ladies Cara Chambers. Coming back with another strong win against Newcastle 45;37!

To finish off the day was Nottingham’s épée team. Knowing they were in store for a tough match, as épée is Newcastle’s strongest weapon, the girls played extremely well, however narrowly missing out on a win by 1 point. The score at the end being 44;45 to Newcastle.

Overall, Captain Cara Chambers said ‘the Ladies attitude could not be flawed with everyone being in the correct ‘fencing mindset’ and being able the maintain their focus throughout their matches.’ She also added how impressed she is, in general, of how the Ladies #GreenandGold team spirit is continuously high every single Wednesday. A big factor in spurring on the other girls when they are playing!

Currently sitting mid-table in the Premier North League, the team hope to finish their season in 3rd or 4th position. Their next match being at home against Durham, who sit just above them in the table, we wish the team all the best of luck!

Keep it up Ladies!

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