October 30, 2017, by Cara McIsaac-Hall

Team of the week: Men’s Rugby League 1st

With their first win since being promoted, team of the week this week are the Rugby League 1st team!

After recently being promoted into the Premier North League from Midlands 1A, this season looked like it could be a tough one for the squad. They are facing some talented teams for the first time such as Leeds Beckett and Northumbria, but this week they were playing Leeds, who sit just above them in the table. However, they bought back a big home win of 36-16.

The game began to a bit of a shaky start by Nottingham with them conceding a try, but they swiftly managed to turn things around, finding themselves quickly over the line at Leeds’ end. Before half time the game was close and with Nottingham making a few mistakes, Leeds looked like they might be able to bring the game back.

In the second half of the game, the balance shifted after Nottingham came out hard with strong defending and clever kicks. With Nottingham’s set plays working as planned, Leeds started to feel the pressure and Nottingham crossed the line 5 times.

Captain of the 1st Team Adam Simm commented on how impressed he was with the squad stating ‘It was a really positive performance after a difficult start to the league. The whole team showed great attitude and resilience. Finally, what we have been working on for weeks has finally paid off.’

This Wednesday, Rugby League 1s are playing the University of Hull away at Hull, who sit just below them at the bottom of the table. The squad are optimistic for a win that’ll hopefully keep them away from being bottom of the table.

Well done to the whole team but especially to the top scorers this week: James Frankenberger, Ben Knight and Edward Daly, each scoring two tries against Leeds!

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