February 10, 2017, by Lindsay Hall

Girls Night In…one of the most successful nights of 2016 (and it’s back!)

With the 2017 Girls Night In event just around the corner we spoke with the Engage coordinators to find out about last year’s event and to hear some of the feedback they received.

It’s time for us to get Girls Night In 2017 in the diary and whilst planning and organising this term’s event, we decided to take our time to reflect and build upon the last one. We worked hard in the autumn and tried our best to make the night as open, inclusive and fun as possible whilst at the same time sending the right message that you can stay active and healthy with Engage. Of course, we know we can always improve so we wanted to hear from you and find out what you enjoyed, what you thought we could do better, and put the wheels in motion to make these things happen.

See below some of the amazing reviews we received and the suggestions we got!

‘I thought the event was really good actually and the taster sessions were inclusive and led well. The variety of activities you could do i.e. yoga, boxing, climbing etc. was encouraging for people who perhaps haven’t had the confidence to go to an official class/team. It was a really good evening – I think more girls should have got involved!!’ (Rosanna)

‘UoN Engage’s event Girls Night In was a night I was looking forward to for a long time. I’m not too fond of partying so I welcomed the chance to bond with friends in a safe but fun way! After nearly slipping and falling on our faces in the mud, we picked up our free gift bag and started our night with a delicious mocktail – Safe Sex on the Beach being my personal favourite (I also love the name of it, how could you not?!) We picked up our drinks and then waited for our turn in ping pong. The two girls playing before us were nice enough to let us join them and we absolutely killed it! I think I played ping pong for a good 45 minutes because we were having so much fun. Didn’t know you could work up such a sweat in a game with such a small range of movement! After, we decided we needed a little snack before some climbing so we stopped over at the healthy snack table and ate some delicious banana bread! 10/10 would recommend. From there, we walked on over to the climbing wall and got ourselves situated in our harnesses. Made it all the way to the top and we were bouncing off the walls (literally) on the way back down! Thank you, UoN Engage for such a fun night! I appreciate the effort in providing women at the university an empowering and exciting way to enjoy a safe night in #ThisGirlCan :)’ (Shawn)

We got plenty of great responses and constructive feedback which have all been taken into account so we can ensure that the upcoming Girls Night In is bigger and better. Watch this space for updates!

Our Next Girls Night In will be on Sunday 12 March 2017! Don’t miss out, put it in your diary now!

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