February 15, 2017, by Lindsay Hall

10 reasons why working out will improve your day!

As part of our #projectme we asked two of our fitness instructors why channelling your energy and working out can help to improve your day. Here’s what Sue and Chloe listed as the top 10 reasons;

  1. Exercise can help to improve your mood by boosting levels of soothing brain chemicals, so a good way to get you off to a positive start.
  2. Exercise can reduces stress levels and anxiety, and can help to fight depression – so take a break from studying and take some time to refocus.
  3. Exercise can make you smile – improving confidence, self-esteem and body image.
  4. Exercise can help to combat certain health conditions and diseases.
  5. Exercise boosts energy and endurance and improves muscle strength.
  6. Exercise promotes better sleep helping you fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply (and who doesn’t love a good night’s sleep!).
  7. Exercise helps your heart to function more efficiently.
  8. Exercise can help to improve your sex life.
  9. Exercise improves the brains ability to learn.
  10. And finally, exercise is fun and social, it helps you to connect with friends and family which has to be a bonus!

And it doesn’t take much to get your daily dose of exercise…jump off the Hopper bus a stop early and walk the rest of the way, take the stairs rather than the lift, take a break from study and get some fresh air with a gentle walk around campus, or why not head along to one of the campus sports centres and see what group exercise classes we have on offer to join in with.

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