February 2, 2017, by Lindsay Hall

Try our Engage programme to kick-start your #projectme for 2017

Whether you’re very self-disciplined and follow through with your New Year resolutions for months or even the whole year, or you tend to set too many for you to keep up with, New Year’s resolutions are never a bad thing. When it comes to the resolutions that you make, the world is your oyster! One commonly made resolution is to be more active throughout the next year. But for many of us going to the gym every other day or joining a team and training 3 times a week often turns out to require a little bit too much dedication. We need something more relaxed that we enjoy but do not feel pressured to do, something that fits in with our busy lifestyle, our university schedule and our student budget – something like Engage!

The Engage programme is pretty much tailored to meet these criteria and a perfect way to kick start your #projectme for 2017. Sometimes you just feel like a quick casual game of badminton, netball, rugby or table tennis, and you’ll find at the start of the New Year there will be many similar-minded people who feel exactly the same. This programme allows you to attend whenever the mood takes you without any training sessions or structure in place. At only £3 per session (or free with a UoN Sport membership) it’s affordable to any student.

Whether you have a resolution to try different things, meet new people, or just want to de-stress after exams and get out in between those deadlines, then getting involved with our Engage programme could be the perfect start. The programme offers a range of non-mainstream sports such as futsal, wheelchair basketball or horse riding, so it’s a good chance to give something completely new a try too!

You can pick up a copy of the Engage timetable at any of the sports centres across the university or see what we have online here.

It’s also a good idea to follow us on Facebook as we often have one-off events and taster sessions you can come along to which we’ll promote on there.

So whether its taekwondo or clubbercise, climbing or korfball make 2017 the year of you and give something new a try.

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