January 31, 2020, by Hazel Sayers

SoonChild Tour

Red Earth Theatre in association with Arena Theatre Wolverhampton & Derby Theatre

Based on the book by Russell Hoban Illustrated by Alexis Deacon

Dig out your snowshoes for an Arctic Adventure with live music, 3D and shadow puppets, creative captioning, integrated sign language and song, and a cosmic Northern Lights show.

Set in the Arctic Circle, Soonchild is the story of John and his wife whose baby refuses to be born until she can hear the World Songs. John embarks on a quest to find the songs and save the world, aided by a cool cast of polar creatures.

So big-hearted, this show will melt an iceberg.

SoonChild was first performed at Lakeside Arts in the Djanogly Theatre in November and is currently touring at venues across the UK.

A team from the University of Nottingham has been supporting the development of creative captioning and projection with support from the Arts and Humanities Research Council, helping Red Earth Theatre embed key captions within the action in their performances.

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