January 28, 2020, by Hazel Sayers

Smart Products Beacon Workshop

Researchers from across the university gathered at a workshop on the 23rd January to shape the next wave of Smart Products Beacon demonstrator projects.

Our demonstrator projects aim to test the feasibility of novel ‘smart product’ concepts and create interactive demonstrators that convey research ideas aligned to the core Beacon themes. Our projects will investigate the transformative nature of smart products and their use of digital technologies and personal data to be more adaptive, personalised and valuable. They will examine how these new products, experiences, and services are created and delivered, and will address the critical question of how consumers can trust the next generation of smart products with their personal data.

Colleagues from Engineering, Computer Science, Medicine, Maths, and Humanities pitched a range of exciting research project ideas, including human-robot collaboration, multi-sensory interactive experiences and architecture, personalised data-driven devices for monitoring health and well-being, and AI-driven approaches to sensing and measurement in industry and digital heritage settings.

During our sandpit workshop, a number of exciting, interdisciplinary proposals emerged and details of our new Smart Products Beacon-funded projects will be announced soon.


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