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August 26, 2015, by Ryan Neal

Catching up with the Project Transform Super Users

System testing began on 6 July and we asked colleagues to nominate suitable candidates to become Super Users for relevant process areas. We received a number of nominations, and these Super Users have been collaborating with Project Transform in order to understand the system and provide feedback. In this blog we will be reporting on what the Super Users have been working on so far, and how they are feeling about the forthcoming changes that will be implemented in September with GoLive 2, and next year with GoLive 3.

So far the sessions have involved a large amount of knowledge transfer about the background of the system and how everything works together. The Super Users have been familiarising themselves with PeopleSoft Campus Solutions, PeopleSoft CRM and the iHub, and have been reporting back to their Schools and Departments on what they’ve learnt so far.

Additionally, the Super Users have begun testing scripts, and the general consensus is that this is proving interesting, and many of the participants are looking forward to doing more of this.

One of the Super Users that we spoke to was Kathryn Moss, Admissions and Placements Administrator for Sociology & Social Policy, using event management. “I’m looking forward to seeing event management and the processes for inviting people to interviews. It’s quite clunky the way that we do it at the moment so it would be nice to be able to see an instantly generated list that takes the place of my local database.” She is also looking forward to seeing less hard copy, less paperwork, and less room for error.

Other Super Users expressed their excitement about being able to see all of the processes taking place online, and having the ability to gather much more detailed information about applicants in order to follow up with them on their applications.

Something that all of the Super Users mentioned was that the current terminology used within the system is quite challenging to understand as it is either Americanised or makes heavy use of business terminology. The Project Transform team are aware of this and it will be addressed during training.

Moving forward, the Super Users will be working on more testing scripts, and will continue to feed back findings to their teams.

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