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August 27, 2015, by Ryan Neal

Offline Grid successfully piloted at UNMC

Project Transform has successfully piloted the Offline Grid at the recently held UNMC Info Day on 15 August 2015. The Offline Grid, which went live during GoLive 1, enables University staff to enter the data of prospective students at events without needing an Internet connection. After the event, when there is an Internet connection, the data can be transferred into PeopleSoft CRM.

Using the Offline Grid, over 250 enquiries from prospective students were collected at the UNMC Info Day. The data was then posted into PeopleSoft CRM on the very same day. With the Offline Grid, recruitment teams can now post leads directly into PeopleSoft CRM instead of having to re-type the data collected on paper into a spreadsheet and load it into a separate vendor system, which was the previous business process.

The Offline Grid was tested several times by UNMC staff, with support from UNUK colleagues, prior to the Info Day to ensure that it was fit for purpose. Using eight laptops provided by IS, the Offline Grid was set up at the Info Day Registration Counter and was the first activity for prospective students to complete at the event. In contrast to using paper enquiry forms, it only took prospective students less than a minute to fill in their details through the Offline Grid. Minimal troubleshooting was required by staff members at the event.

The use of the Offline Grid at the UNMC Info Day was well-executed and has proved to be an efficient way of capturing enquiries. Moving forward, UNMC will be looking towards implementing the Offline Grid at more recruitment events. This will be overseen by the CRM Manager. The use of the Offline Grid will provide UNMC with an opportunity to demonstrate professionalism in enquiry management, which will feed into their conversion strategy. The successful pilot of the Offline Grid is a remarkable achievement for UNMC, which is the first location globally to make use of this.

“The Offline Grid was found to be functional, hence the decision to trial it was proposed. The main objective of using this is to ensure accuracy of data (quality leads) and to improve the process of data collection at events.” – Nisha (CRM Manager, UNMC).

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