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August 29, 2017, by Jessica Watson

The Fundamentals training course – Louisa Buonocore

I received a basic introduction to MyNottingham (the name of the Campus Solutions portal) in my previous role, over a year ago, in the School of Pharmacy.

We had been asked at the time to take some Moodle-based training relating to logging and answering enquiries. I was then left to deal with enquiries using the new system in my School-based role.

I received only an impersonal, automated introduction to the system. This disclosed very little about how the system would work when it rolled out beyond being used just for enquiries.

The training now

Training in a post-restructure, admissions-related setting has been so far considerably different. We have had a chance to create our own sample applications. We will be able to follow these through the full application and decision making process during our training. Alongside this, we have recently received a detailed session covering the main tools used in the new system.

What we’ll be able to do on the system

In this training session, we were given a clear overview of what to expect of the new system. This included what we will have available and how we will be able to take advantage of the new resources.

  • We will be able to record all communications sent. This means that emails will be visible to all users and not just the select people dealing with certain issues.
  • We will be able to create and manage step-by-step “to-do” lists which can be seen by both staff and students. Therefore clear, live updates on progressing issues are always available to the people involved.
  • We will be able to place markers to alert people to important information at key times.
  • Application documents will automatically be stored and made accessible in the right place upon upload. This will save on full days of filing and important documents potentially going astray.

Overall, the new system looks like it is going to save a lot of time for both staff and students. I am looking forward to seeing in further detail how MyNottingham will work, specifically for me in my role.

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