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August 20, 2015, by Ryan Neal

Meet the Student Records workstream

Welcome to the second post in our new blog series entitled ‘Meet the workstream’. Previously we met the Admissions workstream; this week are meeting the Student Records workstream. In each of these posts we will focus on a different workstream belonging to the larger Project Transform Process Design team, of which there are five – Admissions, CRM, Student Records, Student Finance and iHub. You’ll learn a bit about who the team are and precisely what kinds of tasks and processes they are working on. We hope that this will help to increase your understanding of Project Transform and the sheer scope of tasks that lie ahead of us.

1. Which workstream are you?

Student Records

2. Who are the members of your workstream?

Anne Gordon – Team Leader/Senior Business Analyst
John Gilbert – Business Analyst
Paul Dawson – Workstream Specialist (Module Enrolment, Curriculum and Statutory Reporting)
Dave McDermott – Workstream Specialist (Arrival, registration and induction, Assessment support, Progression and Award processing, Graduation)
Sarah Bishop – Workstream Specialist (Programme enrolments and attendance, Placement and mobility, Third Party relations)
Neal Kirkup – Workstream Specialist (Timetabling and Examinations)
Claire Palmer – Workstream Specialist (Member of Student Finance team, but with responsibility in Student Records for the research student processes)
Paul Ellis – Oracle Functional Consultant
Scott Kilvington – Ciber Functional Lead
Nilgun Oneren – Ciber Functional Lead

3. Which processes does your workstream cover?

Our processes pick up where Admissions leave off, so that involves all aspects of the Student Journey from registration through to graduation. Key student related processes include:

  • Arrival, registration and induction
  • Module enrolment
  • Programme enrolments and attendance
  • Placements and mobility
  • Tutoring and supervision
  • Assessment support including examinations
  • Progression and Award processing
  • Timetabling
  • Graduation

In addition, the student records team covers key areas of activity that feed into the student journey;

  • Curriculum development and maintenance
  • Managing third party relations (regulatory bodies, teaching partnerships and other external links)
  • Statutory Reporting

4. Which areas of the University will be impacted by your work?

More or less everyone to some extent!  The student records processes are both inwards and outwards facing with regards to the institution and have touch points with pretty much every area of the University.

5. What are you working on at the moment?

Our current focus is the detailed design of the processes outlined above.  We’ve previously worked with colleagues around the University on what a process should look like and now we’re focusing on how they can be delivered.

In addition the team is contributing to functional design documentation, assisting with planning data migration, liaising with colleagues about system integration and associated developments, configuration of core systems, and contributing as required to the business readiness stream.

6. What are some of the main challenges that your team are facing and how are you overcoming these?

The complexity and scale of GoLive 3 is the main challenge ahead, especially considering the ramifications of a multi-country solution.  The range and interdependency of processes to be supported and the number of systems currently in use, which either need migration or integration, pose significant demands on the whole University. We are keen to engage with colleagues across the organisation to ensure a smooth transition into the 2016/2017 academic year.

7. What will you be delivering as a result of your work?

Outputs will include detailed process maps and standard operating procedures (SOPs) for all of the areas detailed above.  This will form the basis for configuration of the system, integration, testing and training, and final delivery of the solution.  The records team will also be involved in this work and in identifying further opportunities for the ongoing enhancement of the solution going forward

8. What’s in store for you for GoLive 3?

Everything mentioned above and more!

There you have the Student Records workstream! Let us know if you found this blog post helpful and if there’s anything more you’d like to see added for future editions of ‘Meet the Workstream’. You can subscribe to the Project Transform blog to get future updates immediately sent to you.

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