June 21, 2016, by jgkhor

Year 3 Chemical Engineering Students won the Champion of 4th IEM Chemical Engineering Design Competition

by Prof. Denny K. S. Ng

For the first time, Year 3 undergraduates from University of Nottingham, Malaysia managed to outperform all other groups which mainly compose of Year 4 undergraduate students from various universities (e.g., Taylor’s University, Universiti Sabah Malaysia, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Universiti Perlis Malaysia, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, etc.).   A team of five undergraduates from Department of Chemical & Environmental Engineering, The University of Nottingham, Malaysia have successfully won the national Chemical Engineering Design Competition organised by The Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM).

In September 2015, the competition was launched. The title of the competition is “Technical Design and Economic Analysis for Conversion of Small Alkanes to Hydrocarbon (C6+)”.  Based on the given information, a feasible process required to be designed.  The final presentation was held on 23 May 2016.  Over yearlong efforts, Tey Su-Yi, Lee Zheng Yee, Lee Yeen Qian, Adriel Tan Yan Sheng and Lee Chun Jhing have finally earned the first prize of the competition.

“The competition itself was exciting because we were being placed in a position to produce a technical design that mimics real life industry situation. It was challenging as we work on the design with our limited exposure to the industry. However, it was a great platform for us to apply our knowledge in solving problems and innovating ideas in the design. It was also a rewarding experience by having interaction with others as we were given insights of the industry that we may be working in the future.  Overall, it was a fruitful experience as we have had the opportunity to work in a team, network with other participants and receive comments and improvements from the juries and engineers.” said Su-Yi, team leader.

The design group was supervised by Prof. Denny K. S. Ng (academic supervisor) and Mr. Rafil Elyas (industry supervisor).

“The students are very dedicated in the competition and always well prepared for all the given tasks. They all have self-initiative to take part in the competition.  Through the competition, they managed to have a lot of feedbacks from the judges and evaluators on their reports and technical knowledge.  Besides, they also managed to interact with other participants from other universities, industry speakers, external trainers during the workshop which organised by IEM” said Prof Denny Ng, academic supervisor.

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