June 21, 2016, by jgkhor

Research article in 2015 SST Highlights Collection

by Dr. T. Nandha Kumar

The research article “Modeling of bipolar resistive switching of a nonlinear MISM memristor” by the doctoral research students Firas Odai Hatem and Patrick W. C. Ho and under the supervision of Dr. T. Nandha Kumar and Prof. Haider A. F. Almurib has recently been selected by the editorial board of Institute of Physics (IOP) “Semiconductor Science and Technology” as one of the Highlights of 2015.

The work presented in this article is oriented to consider the physics involved in metal-insulator-semiconductor-metal Resistive Random Access Memory (RRAM) devices, recently fabricated by SAMSUNG. RRAM is one of the potential nonvolatile storage candidates that will replace current memory technologies (e.g. Flash, SRAM and DRAM memories) found in smartphones, personal computers, etc.

The published article received admiration and attention from researchers worldwide. In their introduction to the selected 20 articles in 2015, including the one from UNMC, IOP wrote: “Our annual selection by the Editorial Board represents the breadth and excellence of the work published in 2015. All articles were selected for their presentation of outstanding research, popularity with our online readership and high praise from referees.”

The research team members are currently with the Electrical and Electronics Department, The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus.

The journal acticle can be found at IOP Science web page and will be free to read until the end of 2016:


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