February 3, 2015, by Graham Kendall

EURAXESS – RISE programme

I would like to alert you to an opportunity for Malaysian research institutions under the Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE)

The RISE aims at international and inter-sector collaboration through promoting research and innovation exchanges of staff. RISE will support short-term mobility of research and innovation staff at all career levels, from the most junior (post-graduate) to the most senior (management), including administrative and technical staff.

RISE is open to partnerships of universities, research institutions, and non-academic organisations both within and beyond Europe. Universities, research institutes can apply, not individuals. Malaysian universities, research institutes, and companies are eligible.

A RISE partnership is composed of at least three independent participants established in three different countries.  A Malaysian university, research institute or company would need to partner with organisation in at least 2 European countries to propose a joint research and innovation project. Proposals should highlight networking opportunities, sharing of knowledge and the skills development of staff members.

The funding covers secondments of staff members from one month to one year as well as funding to support research, training and networking activities. Funding for a RISE project can last up to four years.

The RISE-2015 call for proposals opened on 6 January 2015 with a deadline of 28 April 2015.

A short information sheet is available.

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