August 26, 2014, by Graham Kendall

Huawei National ICT Talents Seeds Cultivation (TSC) Award

Wee Gin Lim has recently received the Huawei National ICT Talents Seeds Cultivation (TSC) Award.

Upon receiving the award he said:

I am very honoured to have recently been presented the Huawei National ICT Talents Seed Cultivation (TSC) Award as an appreciation for my valuable contribution to the Huawei National ICT TSC Initiatives. The National ICT TSC Initiatives by Huawei include technologist programmes, professional attachments, certifications, challenges/competitions/awards, training and lab solutions and TSC Career Coordinators. In particular, I have been recognized as an educator who is passionate in grooming students to excel in the ICT career and to team up with Huawei-ICONIX to ensure that the students are aligned to the constant changing nature of the ICT industry.

The award ceremony was held on 14 Mar 2014 at the UM-Huawei Learning Academy, University Malaya, KL.

We are sure that you will join us in congratulating Wee Gin.

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