August 25, 2014, by Graham Kendall

MyMentor: The journey begins

We are very grateful to the Ministry of Education for having the confidence in appointing UNMC to lead the MyMentor project.

This project, which will run for six years, will (initially) work alongside Monash University (Malaysia) and Southampton Uiversiy (Malaysia) in mentoring up to 230 post-doctoral staff members from Malaysian public universities.

This is a significant project, and a significant investment by MoE, and we expect it to generate a lot of interest, a lot of collaborative working and a lot of high quality scientific papers.

We expect to be blogging regularly on MyMentor, so there will be lots more information coming out in the coming weeks, months and years.

Header image: A Helping Hand (CC BY 2.0): Damain Galdal, 2008 “A Helping Hand: Sunset along the California Coast” (

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