July 22, 2014, by Graham Kendall

FRGS Research Proposal Training

Over the past year or so, the Research Suport Office has held a number of training events to enable researchers to learn how to write research proosals, develop networks, be open to a peer review process etc.

Hopefully, this has led, along with the fantastic work being done in the faculties, in improving our success rates in the grants that we submit.

The last workshop was held on the 8th July. It was very well attended and I hope that the participants got a lot from it.

Of course, these things don’t run themselves and the Research Suppport Support Office are to be thanks for organising and running the event, espacially Faizah who, I believe, presented to such a large group for the first time . Nash and Andy also deserve a special mention for giving up their time.

If you are interested in the presentations, they can be downloaded from:

… and finally, here are some picyures from the day.
FRGS Workshop - Jul 2014 - 004 FRGS Workshop - Jul 2014 - 003 FRGS Workshop - Jul 2014 - 002 FRGS Workshop - Jul 2014 - 001 FRGS Workshop - Jul 2014 - 005

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