March 19, 2014, by Graham Kendall

The Rockefeller Foundation Food Waste and Spoilage initiative

This post was contributed by Asgar Ali

The Rockefeller Foundation Food Waste and Spoilage initiative facilitated by the Global Knowledge Initiative in Kuala Lumpur: – successes achieved by Malaysia in reducing food loss, such that these lessons learned might be applied to the African context where post-harvest loss remains a significant and complex challenge

Approximately one third of food harvested for consumption never reaches a plate. Post-harvest loss of food means lower incomes for smallholder farmers, along with waste of land, water, and human resources in production. Selected by the Rockefeller Foundation as a Global Engagement Network Innovation Lab, GKI is scanning the world for innovative solutions to combat the challenge of post-harvest loss in Africa. Kicking off a year-long effort, GKI has convened experts from industry, government, civil society, and research in Ghana, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, and the US. Our aim: to identify innovations that lifts 2 million African farmers from poverty by the year 2020. Read more about our workshops, findings, and plans going forward!

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