February 27, 2014, by Graham Kendall

Is the journal an ISI journal?

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Is your paper listed by Thomson Reuter’s ISI index?

We often need to know if the paper we are planning to submit is an ISI ranked journal. This is important in the Malaysian context as (at the time of writing) the MyRA instrument requires us to explictly state what papers are listed in Thomson Reuter’s ISI database.

There are many ways to access this information, two of which we describe below:

Is the journal an ISI journal?

This first method does not require you to be a subscriber to the service, so is a quick method if you just want to see if the journal is listed in the database.

  1. Navigate to http://ip-science.thomsonreuters.com/mjl/#journal_lists.
  2. You can now view various categories of journals. I tend to use the Science Citation Index Expanded link or the Social Sciences Citation Record.
  3. Once you are on the relevant page, you can search for the journal in various ways (e.g. by ISSN, title word, journal name). You are also able to look at various categories, which could be a good way to identify where you want to submit your next article.

What is the Impact Factor of your Journal?

The method above will only tell you if the journal is listed as an ISI journal. It does not tell you other important information such as the ISSN and the Impact Factor. To this you need to login in Web of Science.

  1. If you use this link, you will be asked you login (you may not need to from campus, as it may recognise our IP). You can do this using your usual login criteria via the institutional Shiboleth option.
  2. Once you have logged in (and you will be looking at the normal Web of Science search screen), there is an option at the top of the screen labelled Journal Citation Reports.
  3. Clicking on this will take you to this tool which enables you to search in a simialr way to the first option. But now you will have access to the impact factor for the journal, what quartile it is in etc.


If you know of other (simpler) ways to access which journals are ISI ranked, and their impact factor, please post a comments and we will update this post.





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