January 7, 2014, by Graham Kendall

A good start to 2014 for UNMC publications

As we have been collecting the MyRA data, many people have been keen to tell us that they already have paper in 2014. I thought it would be interesting to look at how many papers we have, just a couple of weeks into the new year.

Below I list the Scopus and the ISI papers. We should note that there are many other papers that I know of that are “in press”, which will appear in due course.

Congratulations to everybody who has already published a paper in 2014. Let’s hope it a start to yet another successful year for UNMC.

By the way, it is worth noting that while we have been collecting the data for the 2013 MyRA exercise we have found a number of papers that have been misclassified. If you think that you have PUBLISHED (rather than being IN PRESS) a paper in 2014 that you think should be reported by Scopus or ISI, then please let me know and I’ll investigate if there is a problem. Providing me with the DOI (as well as the full reference) would be useful.


article (ISI:000326359400003)
Ali, A., Ong, M. K. and Forney, C. F.
Effect of ozone pre-conditioning on quality and antioxidant capacity of papaya fruit during ambient storage
FOOD CHEMISTRY, {2014}, Vol. {142}, pp. {19-26}
article (ISI:000327835700006)
Farahbakhsh, A., Mosalanejad, M., Moradi, G. and Mohanna, S.
Using polygonal defect in ground structure to reduce mutual coupling in microstrip array antenna
article (ISI:000327842400015)
Wong, T. W., Ashikin, W. H. N. S. and Law, C. L.
Evaporation and Diffusion Transport Properties and Mechanical Properties of Alginate Dried Film
DRYING TECHNOLOGY, {2014}, Vol. {32}({1}), pp. {117-125}



article (Ali201419)
Ali, A., Ong, M. and Forney, C.
Effect of ozone pre-conditioning on quality and antioxidant capacity of papaya fruit during ambient storage
Food Chemistry, 2014, Vol. 142, pp. 19-26
article (AlShareef201472)
Al Shareef, I., Sparkes, D. and Azam-Ali, S.
Temperature and drought stress effects on growth and development of bambara groundnut (Vigna Subterranea L.)
Experimental Agriculture, 2014, Vol. 50(1), pp. 72-89
article (Davies201474)
Davies, G., Kendall, G., Soane, E., Li, J., Rocks, S., Jude, S. and Pollard, S.
Regulators as agents: Modelling personality and power as evidence is brokered to support decisions on environmental risk
Science of the Total Environment, 2014, Vol. 466-467, pp. 74-83
article (Hassan2014668)
Hassan, L., Moghavvemi, M., Almurib, H., Muttaqi, K. and Ganapathy, V.
Optimization of power system stabilizers using participation factor and genetic algorithm
International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems, 2014, Vol. 55, pp. 668-679
article (Lam2014375)
Lam, L. and Paul, S.
Corrigendum to ‘Displacement and erosion of informal risk-sharing: Evidence from Nepal’ [World Development 43 (2013) 42-55]
World Development, 2014, Vol. 54, pp. 375
article (Malekmohammadi2014639)
Malekmohammadi, A. and Elsherif, M.
A novel multilevel coding technique for high speed optical fiber communication systems
Optik, 2014, Vol. 125(2), pp. 639-643
article (Mohammed2014237)
Mohammed, R. and Chong, M.
Treatment and decolorization of biologically treated Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) using banana peel as novel biosorbent
Journal of Environmental Management, 2014, Vol. 132, pp. 237-249
article (Ooi2014477)
Ooi, R., Foo, D. and Tan, R.
Targeting for carbon sequestration retrofit planning in the power generation sector for multi-period problems
Applied Energy, 2014, Vol. 113, pp. 477-487
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