August 2, 2013, by Graham Kendall

Please Check your Publications!!!!

Following the post we did last week, which gave the current status of our ISI/Scopus publications in 2013, I was contacted by a member of staff asking why their paper was not showing.

My immediate thought was that the paper in question was not an ISI and/or Scopus indexed journal. A quick search would easily verify that.

In fact, that problem was not that at all. The paper could be found in Scopus, but it was not associated with “The University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus“. The affiliation was as listed as the school in question.

My suspicion is that the journal has entered the incorrect information when registering the paper, but it could be something else. I know that the paper has the correct affiliation, on the paper itself, as I have looked at it.

The morale is that all staff should look at the previous post and if you think a paper of yours is missing then:

  1. Check that the journal/conference is ISI/Scopus indexed (we are only searching these resources at the moment – though we will be extracting from e-Staff Profile as well, so you also need to maintain that);
  2. If the journal/conference is ISI and/or Scopus indexed, try to find out what the probelm is (e.g search for the journal issue/volume on ISI/Scopus, find the paper and see what the affliation is);
  3. If you can find the problem, email the Editor-in-Chief asking for their help in rectifying the situation;
  4. If you are struggling, contact me and I’ll take a look but I need all the information that you have (authors, title, journal name, issue, vol, page numbers and DOI (if you have it)).

I’d be interested if you do find any problems.

Thank you to the person that pointed out the problem with their own paper.

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