July 15, 2013, by Graham Kendall

New Straits Times Post-Graduate Coverage

I was traveling to Singapore on Monday (15th July 2013) and picked up a copy of the New Straits Times. Leafing through the the Post Graduate Section I was delighted (and surprised to be honest) to see UNMC heavily featured.

On page 2 of the insert there is a feature entitled Neuroscience and the Plastic Brain. The piece presents some of the work, and quotes, from UNMC’s Dr Kirsten McKenzie. I cannot actually find a link to the piece (but it is worth a read if you can lay your hands on it). If you know of a link, please post it in the comments.

In the same insert (page 4), in the VC’s column, Professor Chritine Ennew writes an article entitled Adapting to the Local Contexts. Again, definitely worth a read and if you know of a link please post a link to the article in the comments section.

Chris Ennew also features in another piece (page 7), entitled Collaboration and International Expertise. This piece has a nice picture of our campus with many of our graduates all dressed up in their robes. The piece also has quotes from Dr Christopher Hill. Like before, well worth a read and a link to the piece would be welcome.

In the picture gallery of this insert it was also good to see a picture of some of our graduates, from the recent graduation ceremony.

Finally, it was good to see that we had an advert in the insert, hopefully attracting high quality students to interact with some of the great work that is going on at UNMC.

Well done to all those that were featured in the above pieces. It is great to see UNMC being so predominantly featured. It would be good to see more of this type of activity.

Also, I hope that we are keeping these pieces in a central repository as it is a useful resource for initiatives such as Knowledge Without Borders (also see their blog) to call uon in the future.

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