July 12, 2013, by Graham Kendall

Higher Education Academy Funding Call

We have just received this funding call. As usual, before putting in a lot of effort, please check that you are able to apply given that we are based on an international campus.


Dear All,

Current funding calls from the Higher Education Academy…

Teaching Development Grants (Departmental projects)

Open to bids of up to £30k from project teams with a discipline- or subject-specific focus with the intention of encouraging cooperation between colleagues to demonstrate impact across the School/Department. Projects will start in Jan 2014 and last 15 months and may address any of the HEA’s key themes (assessment, internationalisation, employability etc.). Only one bid per School/Department is accepted and must be supported with a letter from the Head of School/Department. Definitions of School/Dept are based on disciplinary coherence and there is a list of subject areas in the guideline document. Bids from Schools/Depts with a presence on more than one campus should encompass all campuses. Partial funding (including in-kind) is expected. Please get in touch with any questions and/or drafts for comment.

Call now open, deadline 12 noon on Friday 2nd August 2013.


Mike Baker Doctoral Programme

Funding for the full costs of one PhD studentship (or 50% of the costs of two PhD studentships) to develop research and an evidence-base in higher education practice and policy, with an impact across the sector. A letter of support from the Head of School/Dept is required with the commitment of matched funding if applicable.

Call now open, deadline 12 noon on 23rd Sept 2013.



Workshop and seminar series (relevant to UK campus only)

Up to £750 to host and deliver a workshop or seminar to disseminate findings from research or evaluation work, or to share policy or practice informed by evidence of effectiveness. An short report from the event is required. The call covers selected themes (employability, ESD, internationalisation and the HEAR) and discipline areas (STEM, social sciences and arts and humanities).

Call now open and closes 31st July 2013  for events to be held 1st October 2013 – 30th April 2014.



… and one forthcoming call…


International scholarship scheme

Funding of up to £20k to spend 3 to 6 months visiting international institutions to explore collaborative opportunities. Open to practising academics with at least 5 year’s experience. Matched funding is encouraged.

Call opens 3rd Sept 2013 and closes 20th Jan 2014.



In general for HEA funding, staff on all campuses are eligible to apply as members of staff at the University so long as projects benefit the UK HE sector more widely and not just the local campus. Funds awarded must be handled through a UK-based office.





Dr Rachel Scudamore

Teaching and Learning Directorate

University of Nottingham

+44 (0)115 9515810

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