May 14, 2013, by Graham Kendall

Call for Blog Contributions

Over the past few months, we have started a series of inititatives, where we invited you to write on various themes. We thought it might be worth putting them all in one place.


What is [your reseach area about]
This series aims to enable you to present your research to a more general audience that you usually so. The posts we have published to date are Operations Research, Economic Integration and Autism (the link to the general category is here).

Some of you have indicated that you would contribute to this series (but more are welcome), so we hope to have some more soon.


A Week in the Life Of
I recently posted about a week in my life (the general category is available here). We would welcome more contributions on this topic, so that you can let people know what you get up to.


Bloggers Wanted
We recently asked for help in various areas, partly to take some load off the Research Support Office, but also to enable more balanced views to be given.


Want to Contribute?
If you would like to contribute, please contact me ( and we can decide on the best way to proceed.


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