April 15, 2013, by Graham Kendall

Bloggers Wanted

This blog has now posted over 150 posts. We try to post one a day, well one every working day. This means we need to publish around 250 posts a year (althiugh we could go to one EVERY day, which means looking for 365/6 each year).

We are also conscious that as the blog is written by a small team that there might be some bias in what we blog about.

With this in mind, we are looking for bloggers who would like to contribute to this blog (we’ll set you up an account and give you training, if necessary).

As you know, the blog is about Research and Knowlewdge Transfer, and we take this in the widest sense possible.

We would not exect you to blog every day, or even every week. We would just want somebody who is able to commit to blogging once in a while, with one a month being a sensible minimum.

The areas that you might want to consider, and that we would be interested in exploring with you include (but this list is far from comprehensive and we’d be open to other suggestions):

I want you (downloaded from Wikipedia Commns, it is in the public domain - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:I_want_you.jpg)

I want you (downloaded from Wikipedia Commns, it is in the public domain – http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:I_want_you.jpg)

  1. Research and Knowledge Transfer from the perspective of Professional Services
  2. Reporting on government/government agency policy that would be of interest to us
  3. Discussion on the low level detail of various funding initiatives
  4. Recent papers that have been published in your area
  5. Bringing things to the attention of UNMC staff that appear on the web
  6. Monitoring certain news sites/magazines and bringing those to the attention of UNMC staff
  7. Interesting youtube videos
  8. Monitoring certain Twitter accounts and reporting good/interesting tweets
  9. Drawing together blog posts from Nottingham, and other sources, that are of interest

So, if you have ever fancied yourself as a blogger, but don’t have enough time (or enough to say) to maintain your own blog, this could be a good opportunity to have your say, add value to your CV and do something that will be of interest to your colleagues at UNMC, the University of Nottingham in general as well as anybody else who reads the blog.

And, if you blog regularly on a specific topic we can set you up your own category so that all your posts can be seen together, which might be useful for your web site, CV etc.

If you are interested (with no commitment at this stage), drop me an email (Graham.Kendall@nottingham.edu.my) and we’ll arrange to have a chat.



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