April 16, 2013, by Graham Kendall

Writing Teaching Case Studies

I am often involved in converastions about teaching and how to publish in the educational journals, with a view of adding to one’s CV, getting promoted, disseminating good teaching practise, carrying out research in this area etc.

I recently came across an interesting web site that has a short series of articles on writing up case studies.

The articles are mainly targetted towards producing business case studies but a lot of the information will be relevant to universities as well. But it did occur to me that those people involved in training companies, executive education etc. might be able to benefit from these articles?

The blurb, introducing the articles starts

In this engaging 8-part series, Editor-in-Chief of Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies, Dr Jyoti Bachani advises authors on the preparation of teaching cases for international dissemination amongst educators worldwide.

Might be worth a look, if you would like to publish your teaching as case studies.

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