April 25, 2013, by Graham Kendall

Research Priorities Workshop – 1

As part of the process of reviewing the research priorities across the University (not just at UNMC), we are holding two workshops (they are the same format, but we are holding two to accommodate all the people that wanted to attend).

The first was held earlier this week (24th April 2013). Ten people attended, with a number of support staff also in attendance.

The outcome of these workshops will feed into the University wide review that will be undertaken later this year.

A further workshop will be held next week (30th April). Initial indications have about 25 people registered, including some who had to send apologies for this weeks event.

If this weeks event is anything to go by, it should be another interesting, informative workshop.

I’d like to thank all those that gave up their time to attend the workshop (see below). I know that it was a big commitment of their time and I appreciate that they recognise that this is important for the University.


IMG-20130424-00594 IMG-20130424-00592 IMG-20130424-00591 IMG-20130424-00590 IMG-20130424-00589

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