March 11, 2013, by Graham Kendall

Knowledge Transfer Exchange

When I started this job in August 2011, I was given the title of Vice Provost (Research and Knowledge Transfer). The previous incumbent had the title of Vice Provost (Research and Internationalisation). The change was made in recognition that we had to engage with businesses more, which we are gradually doing with the help of our colleagues in BEIS (Business Engagement and Innovation Services), as well as with the small team we have in UNMC.

I was recently at a regular committee meeting (RKTE: Research and Knowledge Transfer Executive) when everybody was referring to Knowledge Exchange, rather than Knowledge Transfer. I thought I had missed the meeting when we had decided to change the name but, no, the change had been made as this is now seen as better terminology for this type of activity.

I can see that. Knowledge Transfer usually indicates that we are transferring knowledge to our industrial colleagues, which is usually the case, but not always. Knowledge Exchange suggests that the exchange is a two way process, which is what it should be.

So, although being surprised that the term had changed, I agree with it. The question is, will my job title change?


Header image: Lower Parliament Street with the Exchange – The tall building in the background was a telephone exchange which has now been converted into student flats (downloaded from Google (14 Mar 2013). Labelled as fee to reuse)


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