December 12, 2012, by Graham Kendall

Research and Knowledge Transfer Executive

You might be interested to know about some of the university committees that members of UNMC sit on in order to represent our campus, as well as the wider university.

Also, as the structure of the Research and Knowledge Transfer Committees has recently changed, it seems an opportune time to outline them.

Research and Knowledge Transfer Executive (RKTE)

This is a newly established executive, that replaces the Research and Knowledge Transfer Board (RKTB) (in fact RKTE decided to disband RKTB, but that it just a procedural issue). The membership of RKTE is:

  • Director of Business Engagement and Innovation Services, Mr Michael Carr (pictured below)
  • UNNC Vice-Provost (RKT), Professor Nabil Gindy (pictured below)
  • PVC (International Campuses), Professor Hai-Sui Yu (right hand side of top image)
  • UNMC Vice-Provost (RKT), Professor Graham Kendall (pictured below)
  • Director of Research and Graduate Services, Dr Richard Masterman (pictured below)
  • PVC (Knowledge Transfer), Professor Chris Rudd (left hand side of top image)
  • PVC (Research), Professor Saul Tendler (centre of top image)

The Chair of the Executive rotates around the three PVCs.

The immediate objectives of the board, when set up were:

  1. To develop a “global-by-default” mission through the RKT space and reflect this in institutionally supported initiatives
  2. To develop and roll out new initiatives including DTCs, global fellowship schemes, and fractional international appointments
  3. To develop the framework for a refreshed RKT strategy and define future resourcing requirements which aligns with the 3 year planning horizon Schools are now working to
  4. To harmonise international appointments and initiatives to deliver best value outcomes and coherent delivery
  5. To coordinate inter-agency and inter-campus initiatives – missions, events and projects crossing the RKT space
  6. To drive the internationalisation of RGS and BEIS through UNMC and UNNC “Research Offices” via extension of those services
  7. To review the role and composition of RKTB and recommend to Management Board options for institution-level management of research strategy, knowledge transfer and their supporting international partnerships
  8. To refresh and reinvigorate the portfolio of global Priority Groups, driving greater ambition, dynamism and challenge and joining this up with our family of Research Centres and Institutes.

The executive meets about once a month, with about five meetings held so far.

We’ll cover the other committees (there are a few!) in future communications, as well as show the overall structure.


Mike Carr

Nabil Gindy

Graham Kendall

Richard Masterman


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