January 8, 2013, by Graham Kendall

The media team are coming: Get your research stories ready

Lindsay Brooke (Media Relations Manager) and Katherine Lakeland (the new International Media Relations Manager), from the UK’s Communications & Marketing team, will be visiting UNMC from Monday 25th February to Friday 1st March.

Part of their remit is to “….focus on seeking out some good strong research stories for future press releases. We will be looking for nice images for video and photography. If we can get off campus to see some research taking place in the field even better. The more we can gain a ‘sense of place’ hopefully the more impact our stories will have.

If you believe that you have any research that is worthy of promoting (and many of you will have, you just don’t know it yet!), then please let Josephine know. A quick email, just saying, I am interested, will be enough for Josephine to contact you nearer the time.

Many of the features that have appeared on this blog (e.g. corrosion, food coatings, drones, orangutans, CFFRC etc.) have been brought to the attention of the media (and brought to the attention of this blog) through the work of Josephine and the UK Communications and Marketing Team.

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