December 7, 2012, by Graham Kendall

Military Technology Offers Hope for Malaysian Wildlife: Drones and Elephants

This is the closing of a piece that has recently appeared on Voice of America (you can view the full article here).


“Professor Ahimsa Campos-Arceiz explained how researchers are tracking elephants to help keep villagers safe.

‘What we see is an animation of data collected through the GPS satellite collar on the elephants to see where they are moving on the landscape. Technology overall is allowing us to do things that 15 years ago we would not have expected,’ said Campos-Arceiz.

‘We are using GPS collars. We are using camera traps to see what is going on in the forest. We are using drones. Wildlife poaching is an arms race between enforcement forces and the poachers. At the same time we acquire new tools, they do, too. So we need to stay one step ahead of them,’ said Campos-Arceiz.

On the Nottingham football field, another drone is prepared for a test flight. With it, the adoption of military technology to protect Malaysian wildlife moves one step closer to reality.

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