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January 12, 2022, by Sarah

On trial: Moscow News Digital Archive

We are pleased to bring you trial access to Moscow News Digital Archive.

Moscow News (published 1930-2014) was the oldest English-language newspaper in Russia. In its early years, it largely served as a tool for propaganda. However, starting in the 1980s, it evolved into an influential independent resource and a strong proponent of Gorbachev’s policies of glasnost and perestroika. The newspaper became a platform for advocates of radical reform, as well as a forum for discussing traditionally taboo subjects, such as the repressions and show trials of the 1930s, the Katyn massacre of Polish officers by Soviets (not Germans), and more. Its reputation for critical, independent reporting makes Moscow News a valuable resource for understanding the tumultuous years surrounding the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the new challenges facing Russia in the Putin era.

The Archive contains all obtainable published issues from 1920-2014 and includes issues of the newspaper’s sister publication Moscow Daily News (1932-1938). It offers scholars the most comprehensive collection available for this title, and features full page-level digitization, complete original graphics, and searchable text.

The trial runs until 7 February 2022.

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