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February 7, 2021, by Emma

NUsearch upgrade: Yewno widget and saved searches

Find out about the new features in the latest upgrade to the university’s library discovery tool, NUsearch. 

Introducing the Yewno Discover widget 

In May 2020, University of Nottingham Libraries began running a trial of the next-generation search tool Yewno DiscoverDesigned to help users explore and discover connections between concepts, Yewno uses artificial intelligence to map and visualise links between topics across all academic fields, drawing upon ideas from millions of scholarly articles, books, and databases. 

Thanks to the latest NUsearch upgrade, it is now easier than ever to try and access Yewno. 

From todaywe have introduced a brandnew widget which surfaces search suggestions from Yewno at the top of the NUsearch results page. From here you can click through to explore the suggested topics using Yewno’s visual search interface. Try it out with some of your frequently used keywords today.

Screenshot of Yewno search results in NUsearch

The Yewno service and widget are currently being trialled as part of our ongoing commitment to providing the university community with access to new and innovative tools to support academic study, research and teaching. 

Whether you love the service or not, please let us know your thoughts. All feedback will help us to develop and improve our services. 

Find out more about Yewno on the Libraries websiteIf you have further questions, please email digital-library-support@nottingham.ac.uk. 

Search history and recommendations 

The February 2021 upgrade also sees improvements to the search history and suggestions features in NUsearch. 

For signed-in users, NUsearch will now store the last 100 searches in your Search History, in My Favourites. Previously, search history was tracked per search session and was not saved between sessions. 

Selecting a search’s Pin icon will remove the item from Search History and move it to Saved Searches. 

Autocomplete suggestions for basic searches are extended to include suggestions based on your past searches stored in your Search History. 

Only one suggestion will be displayed based on the most recent simple search in your search history. It is displayed at the top of the suggestions.

Library staff are available to help with any questions about using our library services. Get in touch via phone, email or Live Chat.

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