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December 1, 2020, by Emma

New interface to SciFinder now available

A new interface to make it easier and faster to search SciFinder is now available. 

With SciFinder-n it’s now possible to search across reactions, substances and references all in one go, use familiar searching techniques like Boolean or truncation, combine keyword/topic searches with structure searches, use improved filters and conduct citation mapping.

In addition, it includes new features such as retrosynthesis planner, PatentPak and MethodsNow Synthesis. Loading of new datasets will only be made to SciFinder-n.

Accessing SciFinder-n

If you already have an account you can use your existing SciFinder username and password to access the new interface and any ‘keep me posted’ alerts can be easily migrated over. For the time being both interfaces will be available, but at some point, the ‘classic’ interface may be turned off.

To access the new interface you can go direct to SciFinder-n or visit SciFinder as normal and then from the top menu bar select Access SciFinder-n.

If you’re new to SciFinder you will need to first register and instructions on how to do this are available via the SciFinder record in Nuasearch. Please note that to register for SciFinder you need to be on campus or login via the VPN.

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