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September 3, 2019, by Angela Shearsmith

Telegraph Historical Archive 1855-2016

Telegraph Historical Archive 1855-2016

We are pleased to announce that full access is now available to Telegraph Historical Archive 1855-2016, which is the fully searchable digital archive of what was once the world’s largest-selling newspaper. Researchers and students can full-text search across 1 million pages of the newspaper’s backfile from its first issue to the end of 2016, including issues of the Sunday Telegraph from 1961.

The Telegraph was launched in 1855. By 1876, The Telegraph was the largest-selling newspaper in the world, with a circulation of 300,000. The newspaper was directed at a wealthy, educated readership and is commonly associated with traditional Toryism, despite its more ‘liberal’ beginnings. However, this shifted in the late 1870s, when the newspaper began to support British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli over the Eastern Question. Read more here.

The Telegraph Historical Archive, 1855-2000 has over 1 million pages of content and includes the Sunday edition from its inception in 1961. The archive offers a fundamental insight into domestic and international affairs and culture over a timespan of almost 150 years.


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