March 27, 2019, by uazrk

How we’re changing to make your library experience better

Ever found the library system clunky or difficult to use? Whether it’s borrowing books or using NUsearch to find them, we’re changing the way we do things to make your life easier. You’ll start to notice changes from 15 April 2019. And from 27 March there may be some disruption to our normal services while we switch things up. Read on to find out more.

You have told us – in the NSS, the NSES, and in our library customer survey – that you want a consistent, seamless and personalised experience when using the library. We’ve had the go-ahead to give you that. From 15 April 2019 you’ll notice the following changes:

  1. We’re updating NUsearch so:
    • All your library resources are in one place – NUsearch
    • You’ll only have to sign in once to view digital resources when you’re off-campus
    • You’ll get to the resources you need in fewer clicks
    • You’ll be able to make direct requests to see our Special Collections
    • It will have a cleaner look and feel
  2. We’re changing our lending policies so:
    • Your books will keep renewing until you’re done with them or someone else requests them
    • You’ll find it easier to reserve the books you need
    • You’ll have two days to pick up books that you’ve reserved
    • You’ll only be fined for late books if someone else wants them
    • You won’t have to pay for inter-library loans (from 1 August)
  3. We’re improving our back office system so:
    • We can develop and deliver new services for you

We mentioned there might be some disruption to our service. Here are the details:

From 8 -15 April

  • NUsearch will be read only – so you won’t be able to reserve a printed book or journal (you’ll be able to access digital resources as normal)
  • You won’t be able to get any books delivered between our libraries

From 12-15 April

  • You won’t get any library notices or emails.
  • You won’t be able to request inter-library loans
  • Our self-service machines will be switched off and laptop lockers will be out of service – so you’ll need to go to the lending desk to borrow books and laptops
  • Your library record will be temporarily frozen and any loans/returns/reservations will not be updated until 16 April.

Keep up to date with the changes we’re making on our website and through Twitter. You can also read more about our changes to loans policies in a recent Library Matters blog post. We’d like to thank you for your patience while we make these changes, and look forward to making your library life easier from 15 April 2019.

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