George Green Library

February 26, 2019, by Katherine Beers

Find books using the George Green Library Interactive Map

There is now a 3D interactive map of George Green Library that will help you to plan your visit in advance, navigate around the library or perhaps discover something new!

The map is available via our Library website as a beta Phase 1 version. It will help as a wayfinder, to find a book or journal on a shelf, or pinpoint books by subject areas. When we get to Phase 2 of the map in April, it will interact with NUsearch and show you a more exact location of the book you would like to look at, or borrow from the library.

Helping you to find books and journals more easily

We are hoping that this new map will help to address some of the feedback we’ve had about how difficult it can be to find books on our library shelves. You’ve shared with us that it is challenging  because the classmark system (Library of Congress) is hard to decipher, the codes don’t make sense and the shelf layouts are confusing. We’ve used your suggestions of how we can make positive changes within the map:

  • All of the library shelves that contain books or journals are colour coded on the map to match the colour codes used within the library
  • You may find book locations grouped by their subject area on the map
  • All book shelves have a description of the subject area covered and the classmark ranges
  • All journals are organised alphabetically and therefore all shelves have an A-Z description of what is on that shelf
  • Don’t forget that in Phase 2 we will integrate the map into NUsearch so that you will be able to search, discover and find more easily!

Let us know what you think

On the map website we’ve asked you for feedback so that we can make improvements before releasing our Phase 2 version. You may also send us comments via this Blog, or in person to library staff.

Don’t forget that our library staff in George Green and all of our other libraries can help you to find the books you need, either by sharing NUsearch skills or navigating around the library. 

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