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July 10, 2018, by Katherine Beers

Farewell eLibrary Gateway you served us well, the future is NUsearch

We are decommissioning the eLibrary Gateway on all University of Nottingham campuses on 6 August 2018. We are no longer able to support this old system and NUsearch has replaced all of the functionality and more…

Links to the ‘Find Databases’ option within NUsearch is available at the top menu of the NUsearch homepage or in the Additional resources section –  shown below.

NUsearch find databases

When you enter the Find Databases section, there are various options available so that you may define and locate what you would like to view. If you know what you are looking for then the Alphabetical or the Name field search will be the quickest routes to your resource. If you aren’t sure what is available or would like to see what we have by subject area, then the category field is a good choice, you can then further define by sub-category.

Find databases

If you are a current user of the eLibrary Gateway, which will be withdrawn from use on 6 August, and would like some help moving the contents out of My Space, please get in touch before the end of July and we’ll help you to make the change over. For more help on using NUsearch as your online discovery tool please visit the Discover our Collections webpages or go to the Need Help? pages in NUsearch.

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